About our foodbank

Here is an introduction to our project.

Weston Favell Centre Food Bank is a collaborative project between Emmanuel Group of Churches, St Peter’s Weston Favell, and Storehouse Church.

The three churches started working together to run a food bank in 2012 when it was recognised that there was a need to provide people who had lost their income for one reason or another, and were unable to provide food for themselves.

We hear many stories about the difficulties people face when they suffer serious hardship – the number we see each week has risen from about 3-4 when the food bank opened, to sometimes more than 50 in 2019.  Most of those who visit have suffered benefit cuts.  Many are working but on a low income, and waiting for a correct Universal Credit assessment to be made for them.

Our belief, as a Christian church, is that God expects us to help them. We offer more than food.  Many people can be supported by finding them other services which will help them to become self-sufficient again – what we think of as signposting.  Everyone who comes to the food bank is offered the opportunity of a friendly chat and something to eat and drink – some people haven’t spoken to anyone for several weeks – a friendly face is priceless.

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